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Wedding Packages

Complimentary Consultation

Purpose of this meeting:

For wedding, let’s be very honest, NOT every couple needs wedding coordinator or styling design  for their wedding planning process. We would assist you to determine if you need our assistance or not.


For other events, maybe you just needs some idea and then do it by yourself. May be you do need us to assist you considering the time and limited resources. Let’s talk!!

Full PlanningPackage

  • An initial consultation

  • Creation of a detail and realistic wedding budget to match your dream day.

  • Discussion of wedding design, including theme, color and style.

  • Presenting Vancouver’s best professionals in every aspect and attending at the vendor’s appointment when professional advices are required.

  • Creating a step -by –step wedding preparation schedule.

  • Management of any big or small issues that related to the wedding.

     On the wedding day, carrying out the wedding celebration as you planned and wished, you just relax and enjoy the bliss

Event Styling Design

  • An initial consultation

  • Provide professional opinion for your event styling and decoration.

  • Provide unlimited decorations choice from experts in various field.

  • Most important, participate in event day decoration set-up and take-down.

  • Full event day co-ordination or hourly  co-ordination.



  • 首次不收费婚礼策划咨询


  • 我们还是实话实说了, 不是每个婚礼都需要婚礼策划的。 但很多的新人都不太确定这一点,所以我会提供意见帮助他们了解自己的实际情况,从而做出决定。


  • 很多时候客人自己都可以很好的策划, 但有时你真的需要有人帮你出主意和做出安排, 如果你不确定的话,还是联系我们吧!











  • 初步策划面谈


  • 为你婚礼设计提供意见,包括婚礼主题,颜色,风格等。


  • 拟定一个细致,完整,并且接近于现实的婚礼预算方案。


  • 为你推荐温哥华最出色的婚礼筹备商家,并且提供专业意见帮助你做出最佳选择。


  • 提供步骤化的婚庆筹划时程表。


  • 管理与婚礼有关的一切大小事务。


  • 婚礼当天负责婚礼现场协调,确保你拥有一个难忘的婚礼, 你的客人能够尽兴而归。












  • 初步策划面谈


  • 提供专业的场地设计及装饰意见


  • 安排来自温哥华婚庆行业不同领域的专家,提供无限的选择,为你打造一个独特的宴会体验。


  • 宴会当天参与现场装饰,布置的组装和拆卸


  • 全天或时段性现场协调


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