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Professional Development  


  • Further enhanced knowledge at Dreamgroup Academy. (Dreamgroup Productions is known as Vancouver's most tursterd and established wedding planning company)

  • 婚礼策划进修于 Dreamgroup Academy.    (Dreamgroup Productions 是温哥华最负盛名,规模最大的婚礼策划公司)

  • Obtained Certification of Wedding Coordinator at WPIC (The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada)

  • 持牌专业婚礼策划师  (毕业于 WPIC, 加拿大专业婚礼策划师学院) 

About  Us


I am Stephanie. After organizing several weddings, bridal showers , baby showers, anniversary dinners for my friends, I decide to joint the WPIC (The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada) to become a certified wedding coordinator. I simply enjoy the process of celebration in different events. People are talking, telling jokes, laughing, making wishes, toasting, even crying. The atmosphere is just full of love and joy.  Me and my assistant will contribute our billions of creative ideas, passion and detail-oriented organize skill to make sure that the celebrating night becomes unforgettable and every guest brings home that piece of love and happiness. 


We believe the uniqueness of an event is created by heart, not by money.


We don’t take vendor’s kickback or commission. Therefore, we will introduce the best fit merchants to your event. We make sure your money is well spent and worth the value you got.


我是Stephanie. 在我参加完数十个朋友的婚礼, 新娘婚前派对和宝宝庆生会后,我决定加入WPIC (加拿大婚礼策划师学院)成为一名注册专业的婚礼策划师。做出这个决定的理由其实很简单, 因为我完全着迷于庆典中大家为某些事情庆贺的这样一个过程。 大家在宴会上说笑,祝酒, 送上祝福, 甚至流下温馨的眼泪, 这些的点点滴滴都让整个宴会充满了爱的气息。我热爱我的这个职业,希望我和我的助手能将我们无限的创造能力和热情投入到每一位客人的庆典里, 使每一位来宾都能拥有一个难忘的夜晚和把那份爱和欢乐从庆典上带回家。 




我们不收取商家的任何回扣和佣金, 所以我们会为你提供最适合你的商家, 大大免去你不必要的开销,使你的花费都能得到物有所值的商品和服务。





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